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Welcome to Multi-Skilling Online Registration System

Please read the following information before you begin:


The Multiskilling Online Registration System allows users to carry out the following functions:

1)       Submit new Multiskilling application

2)       Renew the registration of existing Multiskilling personnel

3)       Print the statement of registration

4)       Check the status of registration / expiry date of registration

5)       Make online request for changes / check the status of request

This online application will take about 4 minutes to complete, if all required documents are readily available. The submission will require approximately between 14 to 28 working days to process, if all information are duly and correctly furnished and required documents submitted appropriately.

A non-refundable application fee of $21.80 (inclusive of GST) is payable for each application submitted.


  Applicant must meet the following requirements to be registered as a Multi-Skill worker:


1) Have two (2) recognised Skills Evaluation Certiifcate [ SEC/SEC(K) ] of different trades

  2) Have a minimum of four (4) years of construction experience in Singapore




1)One (1) Skills Evaluation Certificate [ SEC/SEC(K) ]

2)Have a minimum of six (6) years of construction experience in Singapore;

3)Completed 120 hours of training in approved safety-related courses.

Click here for more details and the list of approved safety certificates




1)One (1) Skills Evaluation Certificate [ SEC/SEC(K) ]

2)Have a minimum of six (6) years of construction experience in Singapore.

3)Obtained WSQ Advanced Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health.




1) Is employed by firm that is registered under NParks Landscape Company Registry (LCR).

2) Have one (1) Skills Evaluation Certificate [ SEC/SEC(K) ].

3) Completed the WSQ Higher Certificate in Horticulture & Turf Maintenance (by NParks); or WSQ Certificate in Landscape Operations Composite Assessment (by NParks).

4) Have a minimum of six (6) years of construction sector experience in Singapore.

5) Passed the SEC(K) in Construction-Related (Landscape) (by BCA).



Documents Required (PDF format)

For a smooth online registration process, please ensure that you have the following documents, saved in PDF format, in your computer before you proceed.

1)       Worker's NRIC (for Singaporean and Singapore PR) or valid work permit/employment pass (for foreigner)(front and back in a single page) 

For company application, the name of employer in the application must be similar to the employer stated in the foreign worker’s work pass.

2)       Worker's employment details (for work permit holder) obtained via the Ministry of Manpower website (WP Online), to verify applicant’s years of local construction experience.
This is mandatory for all foreign work permit holders. 
Click here (to go to MOM WP Online). 
Click here (to view sample of the correct attachment and required information).

3)       Skills Evaluation Certificate (SEC/SEC(K))

4)       Approved Safety Certificates (for Safety Pathway)
Following documents are required if safety courses are conducted after Dec 2017:
(a) Click here (access MOM TRS website). 
(b) Enter worker’s FIN number, at MOM TRS website, to view safety courses successfully attended;
(c) Save screenshots of records (showing course attended) in PDF

Click here (to view sample of Safety Training Record). 
(d) Select the equivalent safety certificate, in Multi-Skilling portal, during registration
(e) Attach the PDF of the screenshot to each type of certificate selected (screenshot must show worker’s FIN and safety course attended)

5)       Proof of employer’s registration with Landscape Company Registry (LCR) (for Construction-Related Landscape)

6)       Must have an active email account


Please ensure that all required documents submitted are clear and correct.

A Submission Number appears after each successful registration. Please print or note down this number. The "Check Status" function on the menu bar allows user to view the status of their registration with worker’s NRIC/FIN and date of birth.

You may send your enquiries to us by using our online feedback form available at 

Click here [to view the list of BCA Approved Training and Testing Centres (ATTC) for the conduct of training and SECK certification]

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